Freebie Friday

Hello everyone,

How are you coming along this holiday season? Have you finished all of your holiday shopping? If you’re anything like me, you’re not even close lol. Anyway, let’s get into the good stuff today. It’s Freebie Friday, yay! I have been given the opportunity to bring to you an awesome ARC of Bending Fate by Reily Garrett as well as a chance to win a $100 Amazon Gift Card. I will also be sharing links to some free ebooks on Amazon. Tons of fun right?

If you’d like an ARC of Bending Fate by Reily Garrett go like my fb page and follow the instructions in the pinned post. 

Here is a little about Bending Fate


The strength to bend fate lies in our minds as well as our actions.
An extraordinary ability cursed her existence, but Dani’s alienation from society’s mainstream can’t dampen her commitment to help another genetic oddity hunted due to a unique DNA sequence. 

Through the terror of avoiding a sniper’s bullet and nature’s temper tantrum, she struggles to deliver a warning in hopes of saving a like-minded, young woman. Dani’s ability is both a blessing and a curse. Those who would use her for their own ends would kill to control her, yet it’s her ability that allows her to seek out and help others.

Here is a riveting, fast-paced prequel to entertain while kindling contemplation of the metaphysical world.

To enter in a change to win $100 Amazon Gift card follow the link below before it’s too late. Good luck. 
Enter to win a $100 Amazon Gift Card

How about some free ebooks, follow the links below to check them out:

Beyond: Volume One 

By Kit Rocha, Genre: Dark Romance+ Erotica 


These three sensual novels will take you to a place where the world is in shambles — and all that exists is hardship… and pleasure. Submission, domination, and steamy passion combine in this titillating collection.

The Irish Cottage By Juliet Gauvin, Genre: Women’s Fiction


When her great-aunt Mags passes away, Elizabeth leaves everything behind for a quaint cottage in Ireland. With a box of letters as her guide, Elizabeth uncovers the truth about her parents and goes on a journey of self-discovery in this enticing story.

By Jessica Hawkins, Genre: Erotic Romance


When struggling waitress Lola accepts a proposal from a wealthy stranger for one night of ecstasy, their erotic playtime turns into something more. Hold on tight for a tantalizing romance that will leave you breathless.

A Touch of Midnight 
By Lara Adrian, Genre: Paranormal Romance


From a New York Times bestselling author: Savannah Dupree can see an object’s history just by touching it, but that power puts her in terrible danger when she finds a sword with an ancient secret. Now she and gorgeous vampire Gideon must find a killer who threatens the entire world…

The Kerry Romance Series: Books 1–3 
By Susanne O’Leary, Genre: Chick Lit


Get carried away to the Irish coast in this charming box set! Three women come face-to-face with painful pasts, family secrets, and new beginnings in these warm, lighthearted novels.

Still Life with Murder 
By Patricia Ryan writing as P. B. Ryan, Genre:Hitstorical Fiction


Set in the aftermath of the Civil War, this engrossing read follows Boston governess Nell as she tries to prove the innocence of William Hewitt, a troubled battle surgeon accused of murder. “An ideal blend of history and mystery” (RT Book Reviews) with nearly 550 five-star Amazon reviews!

Breakers Series: Books 1–3 
By Edward W. Robertson, Genre: Sci-fi


Set on a post-apocalyptic Earth, these three heart-stopping novels follow Walt, Ness, Tristan, and Raina as they battle a horrifying pandemic and sinister alien invaders — as well as their fellow survivors… With over 550 five-star Amazon reviews.

By A. R. Wise, Genre: Horror


A strange and eerie novel with nearly 600 five-star reviews on Amazon: Alma Harper is tortured by clouded, terrifying memories of the day her brother disappeared. Now a reporter is trying to dig up what should stay buried…

The Taste of Fear 
By Jeremy Bates, Genre: Thriller


When Scarlett Cox and her husband go traveling, they hope to repair their marriage. Instead, they’re caught up in the bombing of a US embassy and taken hostage. Far from civilization, can they escape a dangerous assassin? With over 450 five-star reviews on Amazon!

The Vampire Hunter’s Daughter: Complete Collection 
By Jennifer Malone Wright, Genre: teen & YA


Indulge in this addictive paranormal saga: After her mother is brutally murdered, Chloe learns that she comes from a long line of vampire hunters. Now she’s out for blood…

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