Indie Author Interview- A.C. Jade

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      Today at Best-When Read Daily we have our weekly indie author interview. This week I am happy to indroducing to you Author A.C. Jade and her book The Foreigner. Before we get into who A.C. Jade is, let’s read a little about her book.


Jasmine Lao is an exotic thirty-year-old virgin from The Philippines. She has been married to her career as a healthcare professional, saving lives day in and day out. But she’s become bored…wanting something new and exciting.

Steven Gates is strikingly handsome and knows what he wants. The owner of The Gates Energy dropped into Jasmine’s office for an appointment, and the moment they met, the mutual attraction was undeniable. However, Steven is married… and he could have cancer. 

Nigel Gates, the globetrotting identical twin brother of Steven sees Jasmine as a precious flower sent from heaven. He is determined to win her heart and to take her with him to the ends of the earth.

Jasmine finds herself entangled in an unexpected love affair involving intense passion, deception, and loss at the hands of the Gates brothers.

Here is a little about the Author

A.C JADE was born and raised in the Island of The Philippines. She is a true romantic at heart. Her passion for traveling and exploring made her write her first novel. She loves to write steamy romantic stories with an emotional roller coaster that leads to a happy ever after ending. Her sizzling stories will get you hook intellectually, emotionally and physically. Her greatest dream is to travel across 7,107 Islands in the Philippines. When she isn’t busy juggling a full-time job and family, you will find her reading whenever she gets a chance. She currently lives in the South Texas region where she enjoys the beach, waterpark and the warm weather in general. 

Now that you have some info about the author and her work let’s here what A.C. Jade had to say.

1) Tell us a little more about your recent book?  

The Foreigner is my debut novel. Houston is the most diverse city in the United States. The hub to many cultural institutions. It is a global city leading in energy, oilfield industry, healthcare and research. Houston is the city that inspired me to write THE FOREIGNER. 

2) What genre do you consider your book? 
The Foreigner is a contemporary romance novel. 

3) What has been your favorite part of writing it?
My favorite was when Jasmine, the main character met the identical twins. I like the way she behaves. I personally feel giddy just thinking about it. lol

4) How many hours a day do you write?
I write every night for two hours before going to bed. 

5 ) What gives you inspiration to continue writing ?
Gosh, I guess it’s the daily event of my life is what inspired me to keep writing. I like the freedom of pressing the buttons on my computer. Also, my travels and meeting influential people inspired me to write. 


6) What has your experience been like as an indie author?
I like this question. As an indie author, “I am the writer of my own life.” It takes a lot of my time from writing, publishing and marketing plus my full-time job. For sure, it is not a piece of cake but it’s all worth it.  I am having the time of my life. I learned extensive amount of time on how to publish on my own without any help.


7) What has been the biggest surprise you’ve experienced as an indie author?
Meeting so many people on social media surprised me a lot. People I don’t know are following me on Facebook friends, instagram and twitter. They are so supportive and so friendly. I give thumps up and smiley faces to all of them all the time. J   


8) Any WIPs in the making?
Yes, I have WIPs. I am working on the second book of The Foreigner right now I am hoping to release it around March. That is my timeline. 


9) Do you prefer to write stand on novels or a series?
The Foreigner is a series. I prefer series because I have a lot of stories to tell. However, I may try to do standalone. 


10) Where do you draw your inspiration when creating a character?
When creating a character I based them on the people that influenced a lot. To me, they are all fascinating. 


11) What is the most difficult thing about writing a character of the opposite sex?
Sometimes it’s hard when the character hijacked your story. 


12) Do you try to be more original or to deliver what the reader wants?
In my opinion, I tried to be original but it depends on what the readers think of your story. 


13) What is the main thing you want readers to take away from your book?
The bad guy! lol


14) What would you like to say to readers and fans?
I enjoyed writing The Foreigner a lot. I poured my heart and soul to it. To be honest, I cried and laughed while writing. I hope my readers will enjoy it as much as I do.


15) Any last comments you would like to add?
Thank you for allowing me to be part of this. I am humbled and honored. Xo

I want to thank A.C. Jade for allowing me to take her away from here writing to participate in this interview for you all, and thank you for checking out my blog today. For more from A.C. Jade and to purchase her book follow the links below. Be sure to hit like and follow my blog for more amazing interviews, book reviews, giveaways, and more. You can also follow me at the links provided at the end of this post. 

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Now let’s get into a couple of teasers for The Foreigner 

Until next time be happy, stay sane, and read on. Bye bye. 

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