Intro To My World

Hi, Im Nathalia Best, young stay at home mom of three amazing little boys, current ages three years old, two years old, and a two month old newborn. When Im not on mommy duty I am a co owner of a crochet business, CrochetUsLuvable, reading books, drawing, or writing myself.

There is much to me as a woman and a mother as it is to you all as well. My purpose of this blog is to express myself and to let other moms know they are not alone. At the same time i would love to talk to you all about books I read and crochet projects i work on. If you all will have me, Im one big open book.

Firstly, I would like to get one ig elefant off my chest, I suffer from post-partum depression and anxiety. Its a tough cookie to swallow, but I manage everyday. There are some days that are terribly worst than others. To make it a bit tougher some people around us may not understand that as mothers giving up is not an option. I will be here to help any of you through it.

Please fell free to contact me with any questions you may have, or if you simply want someone to talk to. You can email me at please dont be shy. Until nex time, have a great day.